Mr. Gullen does not attempt to “capture reality” in his photography. To him, photography is always the creation of something new; an abstraction from reality, not reality itself. Reality is far too ephemeral to ever be captured and kept as a memento. Only its reflection is momentarily available to be archived. For Robert, this instantaneous abstraction from reality forms a new reality as others experience the abstraction. He asks his viewers not to confuse the image with the thing but to see the image as a reflection of something new and unique; a creation of beauty meant to elicit an indefinable but pleasurable emotion.

About The Artist

With undergraduate work in Physics and a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts, multidisciplinary interests define Mr. Gullen’s activities in both engineering and art. At first, he studied awareness and the nature-of-reality from the perspective of a physicist. In later years this evolved into depicting the world from the vantage point of an artist.

Providing a rich environment for refining Robert’s “artistic eye” was his work in the field of engineering and human perception, where he and his team of optical physicists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers, software programmers, electrical engineers, and technicians pushed technology to the point that it mimicked reality. His team created the first total immersion visual simulation ever used in the training of air traffic controllers for the FAA; an accomplishment documented in Popular Science magazine as well as numerous technical journals.

Later he became a published dance photographer who focused on both Lyrical and Modern dance and an accomplished sculptor working in both clay and bronze. Lastly, Mr. Gullen is set to achieve another creative milestone with the publication of his book titled: Lost in Thought – A First Time User’s Guide to the Human Mind, a workbook in which both his interests in perception and the nature of reality are combined and explored.

High-resolution fine art prints of the images on this website are available. Contact the artist for details and pricing.